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Report An Absence

Call 714-963-8302 | When recording begins, press 1

Frequently Asked Attendance Questions

  • Does the school receive funding when my child is absent for any reason, even illness?
    No.  The school only receives funding if a student is present at school.
  • Does the school receive funding if my child arrives late or leaves early from school?
    Yes.  The school receives funding even if your child is at school for a partial day.  So anytime that it can be arranged for your child to be at school for part of the day, it makes a great difference.
  • Does the school receive funding if my child is on an  Independent Study Contract for an absence of 5 days or more?
    The District only receives a portion of full funding when a student is on an independent study contract.  Then, if a student completes less than 100% of assigned work, we only receive that percentage of the apportionment (i.e. 50% of work completed results in 50% of the portion funded).
  • If my child is absent for a vacation and I have informed the teacher and the office, is the absence excused?
    No.  Even if you inform the office and/or teacher that you will be on vacation, the reason for your absence is still unexcused.
  • What if my child is absent or tardy for over 30 minutes for three or more days for an unexcused reason?
    After three unexcused absences or +30 minute unexcused tardies, your child is considered truant.  You will receive a Notification of Truancy letter. After four or more unexcused absences or +30 minutes of unexcused tardies, you will receive a second Notification of Truancy letter with a scheduled appointment to meet with the principal or their designee to consider a proper plan for correcting this problem.  
  • What happens if I never call or send a note to verify my child’s absence?
    Three attempts are made to contact you and leave a message that your child has an unverified absence.  After the third attempt, your child’s absence is marked unexcused.
  • If I let my child’s teacher know the reason for the absence, does that count for verification of that absence?
    No.  It is a parent’s responsibility to notify the office by phone, email, or note of any absence that your child has. It is not the teacher’s responsibility to inform the office. The absence call line is (714) 963-8302-press 1 when voicemail begins, or you can email Monica Jagiello at