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Mission Statement

Dr. Ralph E. Hawes Elementary School, a high performing school and a California Distinguished School 2014, serves students in PreK through 5th grade.  Although we are a neighborhood school and many walk to school, approximately 30% of our students are on inter-district transfers.  As a school with a strong PTA and huge parent involvement, we are able to provide great learning opportunities for all of the diverse needs of our students.  At all grade levels, we have classes for our students with special needs that includes full-day SAI classes, resource specialist program, occupational therapy, adaptive PE, speech and language services, social skills training and counseling.  Additionally, beginning in 2nd grade, we provide GATE cluster classes for eligible students.  Our PTA offers enrichment opportunities such as vocal music teacher, after-school programs for sports, chess, art, Spanish and music as well as Accelerated Reader, field trips, Art Masters and many other opportunities.  We welcome and encourage parent involvement in the classroom and on a normal day, ones sees many parents working with small groups of students.

The staff at Hawes School is committed to all students succeeding in a rigorous core curriculum. The following shared beliefs will build our actions within a safe, friendly, and joyful learning environment.

  • WE BELIEVE that, with strong home and school support, all students can successfully acquire the skills needed to become lifelong learners.
  • WE BELIEVE in a school climate that is built upon a foundation of teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect among all groups.
  • WE BELIEVE that an environment that supports risk-taking, creativity, and openness to new ideas and technologies is essential to our vision of success.
  • WE BELIEVE that positive self-esteem and a strong sense of social responsibility are goals for every student.
  • WE BELIEVE that students will love learning and be challenged to reach their highest potential when their natural curiosity and creativity is stimulated.
  • WE BELIEVE in aiming for the remarkable. We will set ambitious goals and strive to achieve them.

Hawes Hawks

The hawk’s flight symbolizes our vision for children…
to soar, to experience joy and freedom,
and to apply strength, grace,
and a keen eye to a noble purpose.